Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VIVA Technical Support Is Not Aware Of BIS Sync !!!

The issue:

I have been using BIS synchronisation for a while now. I recently got a VIVA connection and I wanted to set up BIS sync on that. When I tried to activate the damn thing, I was surprised that VIVA was still pushing the 2009 - Email Setup via the browser - to my handset.

BIS Sync will not work with the old Setup. Security Activation crap needs to be done on the handset, even if you have enabled the sync options from the BIS website.

In my case, VIVA seems to be pushing their WAP BIS website - to my handset, for Email Management and obviously this is not going to work. I called up their Technical Support and this is where things get interesting.

The first guy I spoke to was confident that BlackBerry service is the same thing as any Internet plan. The Tech Rep (name was Daniel) explains to me (very politely) that if my browser is working, then there is no problem from the carrier and I should get the handset checked at any mobile repair shop.

The second guy I spoke to didn't even know the concept of BIS Sync!

Here is what happened after my initial explanation to Daniel:


Daniel : Sorry Sir, I can not understand your problem.
Me : I know. That is why I asked you to transfer me to someone who can provide support for BlackBerry.
Daniel : Sir can you please tell me your problem?
Me : I did! Anyway … the problem is with BIS Syncing. I need the account to be validated from the handset and that will not happen because VIVA is sending me to the old set up and not pushing the right Service Book.
Daniel : Sir, this is not a problem with VIVA, you will have to take this to a mobile repair shop.
Me : Again, Daniel – the mobile repair shop can not give me the Service Book which the Carrier is supposed to push! I must insist that you put me though to someone who understands BlackBerry services!
Daniel :
Please hold sir.

: (After a while)
Sir, I have spoken to a colleague and he will attend to your query, although I still don't understand your problem
: (It looked like a dodo trying to swim across the sea)
Please, just transfer the call.
: Hello Sir. My colleague tells me you have a problem with Backup and Restore.
: No I don't, I …
: You will need the BlackBerry Data Cable and a PC and the software.
Me : Err… I do not have a problem with Backup and Restore. I have an issue with syncing Contacts and Calendar events.

: Same thing. You take the cable, connect phone to PC. It works for both contacts and calendar.

: NO! This is NOT the same thing. I am talking about Wireless Sync! OTA updates and synchronisation. If I update a contact or include a calendar event on my handset, it gets pushed to my Gmail Account as well. This is NOT Backup/Restore!
Mohammed : (Chuckles)
Sir… I must say, this is the first time I am hearing of such a feature, and I have been using BlackBerry's for a very long time
Me : You do not know of BIS Sync!?! Really?
Mohammed : No.
If that is REALLY a feature, I will make a Gmail Account!
Me : (Rolling eyes and giving up at this point, wishing I could just shoot myself just to avoid listening to anymore idiotic statements).
Is there ANYONE who can provide BlackBerry support?
Mohammed :
Sir, I will raise a trouble ticket and you will get a reply within 24 hours
: Thank you.
: Anything else I can help you with?
: (WTF did you help me with!?!) No… have a nice day.

If anyone has friends employed at VIVA – could you please try to have this looked into? It's pathetic when your Technical Support team does not know about the services they are supposed to be providing the support for.

Yes, they were very polite and did pretend to care. As much as I appreciate that, the least one expects from a Technical Support team is that they are AWARE of the services they are providing technical support for!

It seems that all these Technical Support guys (not just at VIVA) have a standard solution – "Switch it off and on again, it will work inshallah".

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VIVA ???? I need to talk about this to you...Maaazaaa aaataaa hai ;)