Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well made.

Everyone did a good job with this one. Even Emraan Hashmi. The only other film where I liked his acting was Once Upon A Time In Bombay. To put it in another way, it takes a very special type of cinema for me to appreciate the work of someone like Emraan Hashmi.

Abhay Deol deserves a special mention. Brilliant actor and perhaps the most underrated artist in Bollywood. Farooq Shaikh hits the mark with this one, but that is no surprise. He may not have been regarded as a Bollywood Star ever, but he has always been a good actor.

About the politics / ideologies expressed in the film, err.. I have a very different view from that of Dr. Ahmedi (well portrayed by Prasenjit Chatterjee). But that is for another time, another post.  

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Anonymous said...

I told you Mr. Raj ! Kabhi kabhi baat sun loo