Monday, July 30, 2012

Post Office Mobile Remittance Scheme


As per the scheme a person can send money through the post office which will send a message to the other post office about the amount to be given to the other person.

… Postal Department is launching an instant money remittance scheme, mobile remittance scheme, in tie-up with the BSNL infrastructure by next month, Chief Postmaster General (Kerala Circle) Sobha Koshy said on Sunday.


It will be launched. And just like every other scheme the government(s) has proposed / launched – this too shall be delayed, mocked and finally launched only to be shutdown a while later because:

  • It didn't work as intended.
  • Wasn't as popular as hoped.
  • Wasn't being used because not enough people knew it existed.

If you intend to argue with me on this point, please allow me to support my point - Delhi Airport Express service.

The idea of calling this "Mobile" Remittance still doesn't make sense to me (not the way it has been explained in the article). It's not like an individual can send an SMS to the beneficiary and the beneficiary can claim the funds at the post office.

As explained in the article:

  • A goes to the Post Office to send money to B.
  • A's Post Office sends a message to B's Post Office confirming the amount to be paid to B.
  • B goes to the Post Office (or Postman goes to B's address) and B collects the money.
  • Perhaps (although not mentioned) B would have to provide Proof of Identity or some form of Authorization Pin to collect the money.

Err… how is this MOBILE remittance? As per the article, the message is being sent from A's Post Office to B's Post Office. This message could be sent via email or fax or even over a voice call.

Doesn't this NEW scheme sound extremely familiar? Western Union / Moneygram etc. Bharat maata ki… (everybody knows the song).

Either the person who drafted the article simply didn't bother to understand how the scheme will work OR some official decided to include the term "Mobile" in the name of the scheme just to make it sound better / cooler / techier (that isn't a real word).

The only thing successfully highlighted is "incompetence" (Is anyone surprised?).

  • Could be the incompetence of the official suggesting the scheme.
  • Could be the incompetence of the official explaining the scheme.
  • Could be the incompetence of the individual who covered the story and drafted the article.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao. Faaltu ki SCHEMEs mat banaao!

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