Sunday, July 22, 2012

Text Bands From Hallmark



Even if you are able to ignore the horrid look (you poor blind bastard), this 'gadget' is simply useless.

  • There are three buttons, which have to be used to spell out the message (No QWERTY, No Touchscreen, No Voice Recognition).
  • The message can be only 10 characters long.
  • To pass on the tediously typed out message (using rubbish short-hands), you have to bump / high five your wristband buddy.

Now… if you are close enough to bump / high five with your just-as-lame-as-you wristband buddy, then why the fuck can't you just talk to the dumb fuck and get your message across?!

Seriously, when is the world going to get tired of this wristband fad?? It's about time! Don't even get me started on Friendship bands OR Save The World bands OR Cancer / AIDS Awareness bands (Yeah, like wearing a fancy ribbon / band is going to help find a cure for Cancer)!


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