Monday, December 2, 2013

Err…. You knew him personally? Give it a rest. Nautanki.

  • 40 is young, agreed. But definitely NOT TOO Young!
  • Struggling to come to terms? Why?

It's not like he was a victim of some form of violent / brutal crime or something. Don't get me wrong - That doesn't make his death any less tragic. I am just saying, unless you knew the guy personally, there is no reason to spam the social network with your draamebaazi.

I don't know how people can drum up all these emotions. I too get emotional but only when it involves someone close to me. I need to know the person to feel for the person. Other than that, I can only be polite and offer my condolences.

What brings up rage or causes a 'struggle to come to terms' is when it involves a brutal crime or something along those lines.

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Unknown said...

You know what's odd... considering that Paul Walker is as unknown to most of the people offering melodramatic condolences as was his friend and driver who also passed away in the accident, nobody even seems to know his name let alone offer a R.I.P. For him. I couldn't find his name in any news article.He was just a 'friend'.