Sunday, December 8, 2013

Farooq Abdullah

I am not a supporter of his politics.

I just feel that the statement was hyped up by the media with the sole intent of creating a controversy. In my view, Farooq Abdullah hasn't said anything wrong. In fact, I would go ahead and say that he simply voiced out what a lot of men today are thinking.

Here is the video. His comment starts around the 00:35 time marker.

If a woman were to say, she is afraid of being alone in a lift (or a bus or a car) with a man... (given all the news reports and increasing abuse incidents) - She is expressing her concern. It is a legitimate concern. Nothing controversial about it. Men aren't going to jump up and down claiming that they were offended by the statement.

The same applies for men too. Believe it or not, men too have their concerns and fears. Farooq Abdullah was simply stating those fears. No controversy here.

Then the guy decides it is best to apologise for 'hurting' the idiotic general public. Even for the apology - the media is looking for masala. Trying to corner the man. He makes another attempt to explain himself… this time though, losing his cool (understandable).

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