Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just 3 Minutes Of Your Time… To Understand The Other Side Of The Argument

2 Opinions:

Unknown said...

IMO... this also highlights the female gender's mistrust of the unknown male (sometimes even of the lesser known male.)
It is becoming increasingly difficult to trust a man, any man.

*Doodh ka jala, chaanch bhi phoonk kar peeta hain*

No girl wants to give the benefit of doubt to a guy... simply because there is no guarantee that she will get out of it unscathed.

Of course, I understand the men have reason to be worried too. Their reputation has been destroyed by the malicious few... and they can never be sure of not being misunderstood or at times, simply framed. It is not an easy situation.
In any case, these days it seems better for both sexes to be wary of each other. :D

There is one little thing though... they say, be it a petal falling on a thorn or a thorn falling on a petal... the petal is inevitably scratched.

And like you always say... better you be unhappy (or smarting from a misguided slap) than I be sad / possibly hurt. :D

L o r d R a j said...

Agreed with all the points.

Yes. One needs to be cautious (men AND women). It is difficult to trust just about anyone. But just how women have their fears and concerns... men TOO have their concerns and fears.

Izzat / self respect sirf ladkiyon ki hi nahin hoti. Ladkon ki bhi hoti hai and they have just as much right(s) (as women) to safe guard their dignity.

Just want people to realise:
- Every time a guy gets slapped - it's not necessary that he deserved one.

- There are times when the female too deserves a slap across her face.

One may not slap her because one is being chivalrous or tolerant or just a gentleman or wanting to avoid a scene or shit scared of what the bloody pro-women mob will do to him.

That doesn't imply that she is not deserving of a slap.