Monday, December 9, 2013

Common Sense

- Always maintain distance with the hired help.

- There are a lot of things about the hired help that you don't need to know:

  • B'day / Anniversary.
  • Names of his/her children / siblings.
  • Details about the extended family and regular updates on his/her household.

- There are a lot of things about YOU that the hired help MUST NEVER know:

  • Where you keep your important documents.
  • How you structure your finances.
  • Details about your Assets / Income / Savings.
  • Your problems with your extended family.

- When the hired help is telling you about the other households, s/he isn't bonding with you! S/he is simply gossiping. S/he will be doing the same once out of your house. Be sensible with what you say about others.

- The hired help is HIRED to HELP. They are NOT family and must not be treated as such. You MUST pay them on time. You SHOULD be reasonable with the work load. That's all. There are no further obligations.

- When you have assigned a task, see to it that the help completes it. Of course you should be reasonable when it comes to assigning tasks, but there is no reason why one should accept sloppy work.

- The hired help can watch the tele on their own time. Not on yours. Definitely NOT when they are expected to work.

- Pay them extra if you feel they have done a good job. Be generous with the tips.

- Of course, they can have tea / b'fast / lunch while they are working. But there is no need for you to SERVE it to them or INSIST that they have it. DEFINITELY NO REASON to invite them to share space on the dining table with you!

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