Sunday, December 22, 2013



Khatoon's husband Rakesh filed a petition seeking to produce her before the court, contending that her father had illegally detained her in their house as she had married outside her faith.

On November 27 last year, Khatoon was produced before the high court to ascertain the claims made by Rakesh. However, she denied having married Rakesh, saying the documents, including the marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriages, photographs showing the solemnization of the marriage and a conversion certificate, were fabricated.

The bench then ordered Delhi Police's crime branch to hold a preliminary inquiry. Later Khatoon retracted her initial statement and gave an "unqualified apology" for lying under oath. The couple was married April 9, 2012.

Attempting to justify herself, Khatoon claimed that Rakesh flashed the information about their marriage to her parents without intimating her and she came under tremendous social pressure. Khatoon submitted that she had not made the false statements "intentionally," but was in a state of trauma and under pressure from parents and relatives to deny the marriage.

The teacher had sought leniency, saying she was appearing in court for the first time and was not well versed with the law.


As ridiculous as that is, Khatoon isn't the only one mocking the judiciary. The division bench of Justices Kailash Gambhir and Indermeet Kaur too mocked the judicial process.

The woman was cited for contempt of court (lying under oath and all) and then ordered to pay INR 2,000 and… PRAY AT RAJGHAT for a week !?! Not even a night in the holding cell?? Perhaps even the HC is now terrified of women.

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