Tuesday, January 21, 2014

AAP Ka Chutiyaapa


NDTV.com: AAP wants four policemen to be suspended for refusing to make a series of arrests on the orders of Law Minister Somnath Bharti. They said they didn't have warrants.  The union government has ordered an enquiry. But you are not willing to wait for that inquiry to be completed. So if the cops should be suspended, shouldn't the Law Minister also be removed during the inquiry?

Ashutosh: As a routine, anybody who has been accused is suspended pending enquiry. …. bla bla bla… Secondly, when there is a complaint against the police, how come the police is investigating their own complaint? A fair inquiry is not possible as long as accused police officials are working in the same area. This demand is ridiculous. The officials should either be transferred or suspended for independent and fair investigation.

NDTV.com: Why can't the Law Minister apologise for the treatment meted out to Ugandan women? AAP was seen as the sort of party that would admit its mistakes. Is that no longer the case?

Ashutosh: Enquiry has already been instituted, wait for the report. We do not believe that without the suspension and transfer of the police, there is the possibility of an independent and fair enquiry


So… AAP chutiyas don't want to wait for the report of the inquiry ordered by the Union Government into the actions of the police officers. Ashutosh insists that an impartial inquiry can not be done as long as the accused officers continue at their current posting… BUT when questioned about the behaviour of Somnath Bharti… Ashutosh conveniently says that an inquiry has been set up. Wait for the report.

Doesn't the same logic apply? How can AAP conduct an impartial inquiry when the accused continues to remain at his current posting?!

Tum karo tou fashion… hum karen tou pesha?

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