Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jains Granted Minority Status By Central Government


Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, the Jain community was today accorded minority status by the central government which will enable them to avail of benefits in government schemes and programmes.


Sometime last month, the centre was pushing for granting reservations for Jats [Link]. Now they go ahead and grant minority status for Jains.


Why not simplify the entire process. Just declare that anyone with a relatively old and/or honourable family name will not be given any opportunity for higher education or a government job in India. Announce that the centre doesn't feel that these people form a part of the 'real India' (as per the politician's and media's idiotic definition). Provide them all with a letter/certificate stating that India wants these individuals to seek asylum elsewhere and then withdraw their nationality, declaring them as stateless.

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