Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Somnath Bharti Needs To Shut Up!

Seriously… these idiots are taking things too far. The entire midnight raid and argument with the police was one thing. Calling for protests and causing disruption was just being spoilt and throwing a tantrum. If that wasn't enough… he is now making uncouth / rude statements in the media!


“Are they our leaders or of those criminals coming from outside? It is not my fault if there are pimps sitting in the Congress and the BJP,” said Bharti. “I feel like spitting on the face of leaders like Arun Jaitley who do not care about their own public being affected by drug intakes,” he said.


Abbey maadarchod, first learn how to behave - then give your statements. See… I can use whatever sort of language I want. I am not a minister or MLA or political party representative or a public figure. So, I can refer to you as a ghaati, neech, phatte condom ki padaaish.

YOU on the other hand, need to learn how to conduct yourself in a civilised manner. Now go and rinse that filthy mouth of yours and read up on at least some of the law books in your office. For a lawyer / law minister… you don't seem to know much about the law. Bihari chutiya (Yes. I can say that as well).

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