Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Called the Mi-Bullet, the round acts somewhat like a multi-pellet buckshot, but the separate fragments of the round are connected and will expand to a pre-determined diameter after the bullet is fired. The Mi-Bullet expands to a diameter of 14 inches when fired from handguns and 24 inches from shotguns.

ABC officials designed the Mi-Bullet to improve first and second shot accuracy for shooters in “high pressure situations,” according to the company.

The Mi-Bullet supposedly maintains its accuracy by utilizing an accelerated radial spread aided by the rifled barrel, officials say. The larger diameter makes it harder to miss, the company said.

ABC designed three levels of the Mi-Bullet to include non-lethal (Mi-Stinger), semi-lethal (Mi-Stunner) and the fully lethal (Mi-Stopper). The Mi-Bullet is designed for most popular handgun and shotgun cartridges.


A better way to kill. Hmm. Not sure if there was a need for one, but whatever. Now… I wish they would elaborate a bit more on the Semi-Lethal variant of the Mi-Bullet. I am just a tad bit curious on how that would work. Is it like a 50-50 chance?

Is anyone else wondering what a Rajnikanth variant of the Mi-Bullet would do (or rather… anything it couldn't do)?

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Unknown said...

Interesting. Someday I wanna go to a shooting range and try some stuff. The very thought is therapeutic.

L o r d R a j said...

I agree. Therapeutic