Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bihari Buffoon Says He Wasn't Aware Of The Procedure


"I am not aware of procedures. If I would have known them, I would not have made these alleged mistakes," Mr Bharti said while addressing lawyers on the eve of Republic Day at Saket district courts premises in New Delhi.


First he admits that he wasn't aware of the procedures (will get back to that in a bit) - Implying that he is aware of them now. Which further implies that he now knows what he was doing was wrong. Then, how can he say "would not have made these 'alleged' mistakes"?!

How can he term them alleged mistakes when he is admitting that he made the mistakes (albeit in ignorance of the procedure).

Coming back to not being aware of the procedures… Don't you 'allegedly' have a law degree?? You did practice law, didn't you? Does it make sense for a lawyer to claim ignorance of the law?

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