Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BlackBerry OS 10 Update

Just updated to Nice!

  • A new Call Answer Screen (Not sure if I like this. I preferred the earlier one, but small issue).
  • One Touch Speed Dialing from the Home Screen is back (yaay)
  • You can now delete messages from Handheld only OR Handheld and Server (OS 7 functionality that was missing in OS 10).
  • Quick Settings menu can now be reordered and customised.
  • Contact Groups.
  • Contacts can now be created under a specific Contact List itself and not added to all Contact Lists (finally. Thanks for sorting this out).
  • Battery meter now shows the percentage as well (when swiping or when in standby).
  • FM Radio (native).
  • Picture Passwords.

I am sure there would be more. I just managed to notice these.

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