Tuesday, April 7, 2015

And The Chutiyagiri Continues

Why Ban Slaughter of Only Cows and Bulls: Bombay High Court asks Maharashtra Government

I saw that headline and felt rather optimistic that AT LEAST SOMEONE with some authority is going to ask the government 'What the fuck are you up to?!' But then… I read the article:


The Bombay High Court on Monday asked the Maharashtra government the reason for banning slaughter, possession and consumption of cows, bulls and bullocks only and not including other animals in the ban under the state's animal preservation laws.

..."Why has the state banned only cows, bulls and bullocks? What about other animals like goat?" the bench asked.

Good question, but here is the idiotic reply:


To this, Advocate-General Sunil Manohar said the government was considering it. "This is just the start (banning of cows, bulls and bullocks). We may consider banning slaughter of other animals too. As of now the state felt it was necessary to protect cows, bulls and bullocks," he said.

Going further:


"Section 5(d) of the Act which is under challenge does not prohibit slaughter of cattle outside the state. Why should a person be prevented to eat or possess beef that has been slaughtered outside? Indirectly you (government) are prohibiting slaughter of animals outside the state too," Justice Kanade said.

The Advocate-General, however, objected and said, "How can the state say slaughter of cattle in Maharashtra amounts to cruelty but one can slaughter outside the state. That would also amount to cruelty. The Act incidentally prohibits import also." 


Sigh… Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all…


In court... the lawyer representing the MAHA govt. says - Govt. IS considering banning other meats as well. MAHA CM says - NO we are not!


Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday clarified that the state government has banned only selling and possession of beef and there was no plan to ban slaughter of other animals.


MAHA Chutiyagiri

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