Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No To VIP Culture… Sure


Yoga guru Ramdev will enjoy the status of cabinet minister in Haryana, where he was made brand ambassador earlier this year. "Baba Ram Dev Brand Ambassador for promotion of Yoga and Ayurveda in Haryana will be given status equivalent to Cabinet Minister," tweeted state Health Minister Anil Vij today, after a cabinet meeting.

The government plans to make it official and felicitate Ramdev in a grand ceremony in Panchkula on April 21.

Sources say the saffron-robed yoga teacher will now be entitled to a ministerial bungalow and salary. Even now, he is given a car with a beacon, security personnel and an escort vehicle whenever he visits the state.


Some would say 'deserving'. Some would say 'absolutely nothing wrong with it'. Some would point out 'unnecessary burden on the state exchequer'.

I don't want to point out ANY OF THAT. I couldn't care less. There are plenty who are deserving but don't get what they should. There are plenty who are undeserving and still enjoy certain privileges. It's life.

What I want to highlight is - There is absolutely no point in littering the Twitter feed with #NOVIPCULTURE. So, could you all please stop this nonsense?!

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