Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Royals

Started off with this. The plot and screenplay has so far been extremely lacking when it comes to British wit. The times that it does show up on screen, it seems forced.

Everything is nice to look at. Some of it is even good to listen to. But the script and the treatment is… well… it's very American (and that isn't a good thing. Especially NOT for a theme like this). This probably has a lot to do with Mark Schwahn who is the creator of the show.

Gemma played by Sophie Colquhoun - So far seems like a relatively well etched character. Believable. Nice to look at.

Ophelia (lovely name) played by Merritt Patterson - A prominent character in the series… and yet it is perhaps the most poorly written character on the show. Not only is Ophelia confused herself, but the idiotic lines mouthed by the character even confuses the viewer. At least she is good to look at.

Princess Eleanor played by Alexandra Park - So far, a fun character to watch. Definitely good to look at.

Queen Helena played by Elizabeth Hurley - The character is not nearly sinister enough. Disappointed by the character but not by Liz Hurley.

Prince Cyrus played by Jack Maskall - Excellent! My favourite character, so far.

Prince Liam played by William Moseley - Charming enough but that's about it. Hope the character gets better.

King Simon played by Vincent Regan - Disappointed by the limited screen time given to this character. Played well though.

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