Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Secularism Can't Be Shaken By Language…


Addressing a reception for the Indian community here, Modi referred to a time decades ago when German radio used to have news bulletin in Sanskrit.

"In India, there was no news bulletin in Sanskrit at that time because perhaps it was thought that secularism would be endangered," the Prime Minister said.

"India's secularism is not so weak that it will be shaken just because of a language. One should have self-confidence. Self-confidence should not be shaken," he said.


Secularism is not weak, but for some reason, Modi and his band of idiots believe that their INDIAN identity / Hindutva agenda IS weak enough to be affected by a language. If that weren't the case, then we wouldn't have Smriti Kutti Irani issuing directives to KV's and not budging from her ridiculous stand [Link, Link 2].

Evidently, the saffron flag bearers believe that Secularism is too strong, but Hindutva DOES need the support of a language. Kya hua? No self-confidence? (*Chuckles)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering French or German or Sanskrit as courses (Wonder if some idiot is going to be offended that I put up Sanskrit as the last option).

If there are students who want to take up Sanskrit, why not? But if there are students who want to take up German or French, you can NOT discontinue the program (assuming that said course already exists in the school). You can issue directives that KV's (or even other schools) should have a Sanskrit faculty and that the school should publicise that it does offer the course to those who are interested.

In the event that the course the government wants to push or promote isn't too popular (implying the school doesn't find it economically feasible to provide said course), then let the government pay for the faculty to offer that unpopular course. The schools will have no reason to object. The government will have done its part by taking initiative.

You want to PROMOTE Hindi / Sanskrit / Marathi (Now get mad at me for putting Marathi as the last option), then set up film festivals, book exhibitions, poetry evenings. Do NOT dictate what films a multiplex should show at what time… or limit courses offered by schools.


For the idiots who got offended because I put up Marathi as the last option:

It is and will always be called BOMBAY.


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