Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stupidity Of The Central Government Continues


The government said in court today that these students will immediately be taught - and tested on - a beginners' or entry-level course in Sanskrit, and will therefore not be at a disadvantage since they will not be expected to demonstrate proficiency in the language.


For those of you who are not familiar with the issue - Smriti Kutti Stupid Randi Jaahil Irani said the KV's (all over India) teaching German will have to stop the course and teach Sanskrit instead [Link].

The KV's opposed it and so did the parents. They were told to shut up (even when they pointed out that switching this in between the academic year was idiotic and would give kids a tough time, especially the ones who have been studying German in previous years and now will have to give a Sanskrit exam). It was said that German could NOT be taught as a third language and will have to be taught as 'hobby' course if the KV's are interested.

Seems like the Central Government is sticking by it's stupid HRD Minister's idiotic view and now the assholes are saying students will be taught Sanskrit IMMEDIATELY and tested on entry-level. Funny how they did not consider this idea for the CSAT issue - where this approach was actually applicable!

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