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On the eve of the sixth anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks, the government on Tuesday said that the overall coastal and maritime security along the entire coast is "much stronger than before" as several steps have been taken in this regard.

"At any given time, the entire west coast is under continuous surveillance by ships and aircraft of the Navy and Coast Guard", an official statement released late on Tuesday evening said.

… It added, that since 2008, coastal and maritime security has been strengthened substantially by "successful" implementation of technical, organisational and procedural initiatives by all maritime security agencies.

… After the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in 2008, several measures were announced by the government to strengthen coastal and maritime security along the entire coast. "Due to the coordinated efforts of all concerned, all these measures are now in place and overall maritime security is much stronger than before," the statement said.

Coastal patrolling by Navy, Coast Guard and marine police has increased sharply over the last few years. "As a result, potential threats have been detected and actions have been taken to mitigate them in good time," the statement said.

Coordination between nearly 15 national and state agencies has improved dramatically due to regular "exercises" conducted by the Navy in all coastal states, the statement said. Nationwide, over 100 such exercises have been conducted till date since 2008, it added.



I do have a question though. Were all of the 'several steps' - mentioned by the government in the official statement, taken after 16-05-2014?


No?! How come!!? The infallible PM Modi had said that NOTHING in the past 60 years, the Congress has done nothing. Then how can his government issue an official statement stating that things have actually improved on ANY front? Nahin!!! Ye kya hogaya?! Did someone contradict the great PM Modi?! Itni jurrat!

Perhaps a Modi stooge spokesperson should clarify that all credit should go to the Navy and NOT to the THEN government. Making it clear that the official statement used the reference 'government' in general terms and people interpreting it as the previous government are obviously misconstruing the remarks.


A suggestion - Modi and the rest of his BJP minions (literate or otherwise) should realise that they are no longer the opposition party and therefore no longer need to resort to bashing the Congress on every podium.

What is however interesting to note is that TOI has reported on the state of security as well - Tighter security not in place even six years after 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai

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