Wednesday, November 26, 2014



rinbw allows you to view the status of any of your friends in your phonebook as 5 second video clips. With rinbw, you can see your friends’ status before calling or texting them.

  • Show some love. To let your friends know that you dig their clip, simply double-tap your screen to "Fruit" them. You’ll never guess how much people love bananas.
  • Be inspired. Film your live status as many times as you wish during the day. Excited about your new pair of socks? Showcase those bad boys.
  • Get creative. Jump, slide, and get weird! Your friends will be automatically notified that you updated your clip (and your style). Your phonebook is not just names and numbers anymore - your phonebook is alive.


So what does it do? Well it replaces the contact pictures in your contact list with 5 second video clips (that those contacts have uploaded). Obviously that also means that every time you update your own clip, your friends (with Rinbw installed) get notified. Also, every time someone sees your 'latest' clip, they can 'fruit' it (equivalent to like it and you get notified).

In simpler words… waile log!

3 Opinions:

Unknown said...

All I want to ask is why bananas?

L o r d R a j said...

Oh... THAT's what you find irrelevant?
I am guessing, the developer was going for 'Go bananas with the app'. It's my opinion that one would have to be dumber than an average monkey to even consider this 'app'.

Unknown said...

I see what you did there!