Monday, November 3, 2014

Complicated To Understand?!?

Bindisha Sarang thinks there is nothing as complicated to understand as a credit card (in the context of financial products). Strong statement there. I wonder what Bindisha's opinion is about algebra. Heard of it, Bindisha? How about basic arithmetic? Too much for your stupid brain?

Here is the thing - If you can't understand how a credit card works / how the billing cycle works / how the charges and interest works - THEN… you should NOT have one. Simple enough?

Of course, if it were up to me - then you (and idiots like you with shit for brains) wouldn't be eligible to make any decision / transaction that involved cash or cash equivalents. You wouldn't be eligible to even open a bank account, let alone have access to a credit card. Most definitely you wouldn't be allowed to pen such articles. Sadly… it isn't up to me.

It's not a crime to be dumb (Personally, I think it should be but…). Just because YOU are dumb, doesn't necessarily mean that the instrument / concept (in this case - The Credit Card) is MOST complicated or even TOO complicated. It is complicated FOR YOU. That is NOT the same as the product itself being too complicated.

Here is what you can do - Get yourself a proper education and try to develop some common sense. Until then, stay away from Credit Cards (and drafting articles).

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