Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dracula Untold

I actually liked this film (barring three absolutely rubbish sequences). The visuals were brilliant!

Although a romantic / emotional angle of the Dracula story is depicted in the film, it really isn't as annoying as the Twilight bullshit.

Charles Dance - Small role but nicely done.

Luke Evans - Not bad at all.

Mirena's chit chat session with Vlad in the tent (the time when he rips off the tent to let the sunlight in) - I just found that entire exchange rather idiotic.

Another disappointing bit of the film was the fight sequence between Mehmet and Vlad. Didn't pack much of a punch when compared to the other battle sequences which were an absolute treat to watch.

The most disappointing part would have to be the way Vlad decided to deal with the other vampires who demanded the death of Ingeras.

He could just use his powers to unblock the sun, killing the vampires (which he eventually did anyway - AFTER Ingeras was taken away by the sissy monk). Vlad could have still kept himself alive with the magic hand waving from inside a tent or just kept the shield of bats blocking the sun over himself while killing all the other vampires

Why would he want to give away his son after all this killing? He could still be with his son. Wasn't that the whole point to begin with?

That entire sequence - from the vampires approaching to kill Ingeras, to Vlad hoisting up one vampire, to the monk holding up the cross, keeping the vampires away and taking Ingeras away, to Vlad waving his hand and disintegrating all the vampires - STUPID! Ruined the entire film for me.

The final sequence of the film… nice! I am not sure if it was the poem that made me like it or Mina's haircut / eyes. Undecided.

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