Thursday, November 13, 2014

Idiotic TOI Readers


"The directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) was to conduct an evacuation exercise of the ambani ACJ on Tuesday to see if the crew can safely lead its occupants out in the required time in case of an emergency. Reliance Commercial Developers Pvt Ltd (RCDL), which operates this plane, was practising for the upcoming safety drill. The pilots have told us that they switched on the emergency May Day switch inadvertently and broadcast their practise message to us, which they are not supposed to do during drills," said an official.


If you read the article, you will probably realise that the ownership details or the gift bit about the jet are irrelevant. But… that's NOT the worst part about this story.

Clearly the pilots goofed up and they are the ones to be blamed for this. However, some idiots reading TOI feel this is AMBANI's fault. As per the comments, Mukesh Ambani is personally responsible for the fuck up of the pilots. Take a look at the comments (I put up screenshots with the address bar just to highlight that the comments are on the same article):


Sigh… What a jealous lot! Neech zaat. Chotte logon ki chotti soch. Issiliye ye log humesha chotte hi rahenge.

Padhe likhe jaahil OR as amitk2070 would say - 'The literate and the dumb' (*rolls eyes).

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