Sunday, November 9, 2014


Started watching this new series.

Definitely over the top, but that was expected. The arrogance of John Constantine (Matt Ryan), although entertaining - doesn't seem justified (to me).

The first two episodes were watchable. Enjoyable as well (at times).

Episode 3 - The Devil's Vinyl - 'Disappointing' would be an understatement. Towards the end, it just got ridiculous. To have a contract (with the devil) nullified i.e. - Whatever you sold your soul for will be taken back, and your soul is no longer collateral/indebted to the devil - the 'soul-broker' (who brokered the initial deal) has to EAT the signed contract (literally) and this act (of eating and swallowing the contract) will nullify the contract.

*Rolls eyes.

Too much nonsense for me - Thank you very much, won't be continuing with this one.

2 Opinions:

BlasphmousB said...

Err dude... There's a creepy looking angel, buncha ghosts, demons and a guy who calls himself a demonologist...

Eating a contract is probably the least ridiculous of that bunch... :P

L o r d R a j said...

To be honest, I chuckled when the guy said 'occasionally dabbles in the dark arts' for his business card.

That was where I decided - 'so.. how bad could this be?'

Turns out... REALLY bad.