Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anusual - Anu Aggarwal

Not what I was expecting. Not even close.

In my humble view, it's a very badly written book. Sloppy. Referring to herself in third person every few paragraphs does become annoying for the reader but that's not the only thing bad about the book.

It is only on Page 45 that she decides to mention that Suma Varghese came up with the term 'anusual'. The term which she is using as the title of her memoir! Surely this should be acknowledged somewhere in the beginning, right?

For someone who claims to have attained clarity through selective Sanyas and attempts at Yoga, she sure seems to talk WAY too much about money (dollars, pounds, rupees), designer labels, insists on informing the readers that she shared a drive with some big shot in a merc and later in the book, which car she was driving when she had her accident (which doesn't really add anything to the story).

Same goes for the references to the men in her life. In my view, even mentioning the names wasn't necessary. She could have just put up her nicknames for them (like she uses 'swamiglee' or 'bade swamiglee' and a bunch of other nicks for the people).

But, if you Do want to mention the names, there is absolutely no need for us to know what these individuals did… is there? One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the precise reason why Anu decided to include that majority of them were big-shots.

The end of her relationship with Rick is pretty confusing. At one point it's mentioned that it was because he asked for access to one of her international accounts. A few lines later, the book states that Rick believed the tabloid reports and that caused the end of the relationship. Later on, Anu states that the relationship ended because Rick got tired of waiting for her to say 'Yes' for marriage. Anu also states at that point that she kept saying 'No' because Rick wasn't making decent money.

Then there is the over the top self-praise. Anu was/is born with the model/ramp walk. Anu was/is a wonderful actress. Anu was hounded by international talent management companies to sign up with them. Anu managed to transform the lives of men who came in contact with her. Anu was a brilliant yoga student. As per Anu's account of some firang yoga student's dabbling in numerology - Anu also shared A LOT of traits with the Dalai Lama. Also, Anu's birthday coincided with the day that her swamiglee attained some form of enlightenment/awareness/fuck knows what.

Ahem… a bit too much, don't you think?

From what I read… Anu Aggarwal's own description of her life effectively portrays her as a delusional cunt.

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