Monday, December 21, 2015

Yet to find anything ‘good’ to say about the Android. Found plenty of negatives though.

Try this one for starts. The stock photo album APP (beginning to hate that word even more) doesn’t support nested albums. As someone who would like to avoid 3rd party apps as much as possible, I wasn’t particularly happy to go look for one that would support nested albums. Honestly, it felt stupid.

But it felt even worse when the 3rd party apps with their idiotic ads in the interface STILL did not support nested albums! Found one which DID have this as a feature but one would have to PAY to activate the feature (seriously… how the fuck do users put up with an Android device?? And worse still… sing praises of this crap?).

I mentioned yesterday that I found the Android to be messy, cluttered and untidy. I would like to add ‘unorganised’ to that list. Even stuff which IS organised becomes unorganised with this bloody OS.

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