Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Suggestion To BBC Radio

Can you please NOT have Matthew Bannister interview anyone?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with his diction or his questions (mostly). The problem is with the tone and the way he asks those questions.

Bannister's tone is more suited for a quiz show or something along those lines. When it comes to interviews however, he is completely rubbish.

The tone makes it seem like the questions were framed AFTER the responses were recorded independently. More often than not, Bannister himself voices out a good part of the respondent's story himself, usually starting off with 'Isn't it true that….' OR 'Tell me about the time when…' and that's usually followed by pretty much a detailed description of the event (by Bannister himself), often leaving very little for the respondent to add.

Bannister reporting the news is fine. Hosting a quiz show would be brilliant. But… a question/answer interview… err… pretty annoying.

If he MUST do the interviews, perhaps he should take a few pointers from Jo Fidgen.

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