Sunday, December 20, 2015

BlackBerry Venice (Priv)

Just got this (as a secondary phone).
Wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Besides, some individuals (who I take seriously) insisted that a plausible reason for me not being comfortable with the Android OS could be that I haven’t spent enough time with a good quality Android handset. I did point out that I had used the Notes (a few of them, can’t recall which ones) for a few hours and it wasn’t just the bloody Huwaei (my previous secondary phone) that ticked me off with the Android.
Anyway, got the Venice. Used it. Here is what I feel:
Android users (in my view) would welcome the Hub, Universal Search and the physical keyboard (amazing, just like any BB Keyboard).
For me… however the Android experience is just as annoying as it was with my previous attempts with the OS. I DO NOT want to download APPS for basic functionality. IF I am being forced to download an app, THE LEAST these fucks could do is NOT put up ads within the APP.
I honestly don’t see WHY I have to be forced to download an APP for something as basic as a FILE MANAGER and then be told to BUY the app to get rid of the bloody ads. It’s ridiculous.
Android is too cluttered for me. Too much of redundancy. Untidy. The Contacts module adds contact accounts whether I want them or not (I have 7 email accounts but use only 2 for contact syncing and those are the only ones that I want to show in the Contacts module).
For some idiotic reason, best known to BlackBerry, Android and Whatsapp, Whatsapp notifications will NOT integrate with the hub. Also, there is no option to save Whatsapp media to the SD card.
I DO NOT find it either intuitive OR user friendly (perhaps I need to spend more time with it and then it may feel intuitive and friendly).
There is nothing that I can NOT put up with. Of course I can put up with the minor annoyances and then get used to it. I just don’t WANT to and so far, don’t see any compelling reason why I should.

A new update for the APPS now allows Whatsapp notifications in the hub. Rather messy, but better than no integration.

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