Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is There ANYTHING On Android That ‘Just Works’!?

I am sure there are about a MILLION app suggestions that would address my need. It’s even plausible that some of them actually manage to work without ads all over the screen. BUT… I can’t possibly be the only one who finds it annoying that a bloody Android Handset is absolutely useless out of the box. Bells and whistles be damned.

I was going to give this shit OS till Thursday… but… this has gone too far already. At least with the Hub, Universal Search and the Physical Keyboard, I was able to hang in for 4 full days.

Stupid piece of shit, good for nothing, toy. I have significantly more important things to do with my time as opposed to go APP HUNTING for basic functionality on a handset. Half of the time is spent searching or downloading APPS to perform rather basic functions and the other half is spent updating the apps that were previously downloaded.

Not a total waste of money though. At least now I know that I did give this shit OS a fair run and it’s simply NOT for me. Makes a rather stylish paper-weight. I am sure I could put the screen to some use.

Back to the BlackBerry Classic. It WORKS.

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