Sunday, December 27, 2015


Boman Irani – A talented actor yet again wasted in a shit film.

Kriti Sanon – Unnecessary inclusion (just like 90% of the cast). Wouldn’t matter even if her role didn’t make it to the final cut.

Varun Dhawan – Annoying/idiotic/irrelevant role.

Well… I could go on about the cast but that would be just as pointless as the film.

In my view, Dilwale is just an excuse for SRK and Kajol to dress up and walk around. Kajol actually manages to look good in a scene or two, but that hardly compensates for having to put up with that shrill voice of hers (Not to mention, the idiotic film).

SRK’s antics (especially the scenes where he is trying to impress Kajol) make him look girl-ish/gay-ish/Karan Johar-ish.

The song Gerua is good to listen to but the picturisation is an overkill (laughable). The theme score is fine and even hummable. Emotion and Tukur-Tukur tracks are precisely the sort of crap that makes me hate the present day Bollywood music scene.

The film is a waste of time.

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