Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ambika Soni On LPG Limit


…After Thursday night's announcement, the government will allow only six subsidised gas cylinders in a year at a cost of around Rs. 400. Any cylinders above that will cost a family Rs. 750.

"As a member of the council of ministers I do realize the imperative of raising prices of commmodities like diesel and LPG, but this tough measure is imperative for growth.

…She added that tough decision hurt but they have to be taken so that the government has money to spend on social welfare and infrastructure.


Would Ambika Soni care to elaborate on what she means by social welfare and infrastructure? Given the recent nonsense being reported in the news, the government's idea of social welfare and infrastructure seems to include spending INR 7,000 Crores for giving away handsets to BPL families! I don't see how that can be categorised as social welfare. Do you?

If the government was actually interested in social welfare, they could (for instance) use the same INR 70 Billion to subsidise petrol / diesel / LPG prices. I am sure that would be considered a better use of the money as opposed to spending it on mobile phones. That is just one example.

And the typos continue:

  • commmodities (extra m).
  • tough decision hurt (should be decisions).


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