Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sibal… Give It A Rest, Will You!


Sept 11

…"What kids see on the internet is mostly pornography and that is dangerous. The internet is being used as a platform for misinformation, selling spurious drugs and for terrorist activities. It is a great medium but being misused to bring about disaffection among people," Sibal said.

… He said that the internet was an unlimited highway and that the government was against setting limits on it.


The government is against setting limits? Really? So, when there was an attempt to ban certain Twitter accounts, the government was endorsing that there should be no limits on the internet??

How about the time when you said:

"I suggested that these platforms should evolve a mechanism on their own to ensure that such contents are removed as soon as they get to know of it... I have told them that this cannot go on," he said at a press conference in Delhi.

…"We are seeking their cooperation, and if somebody is not willing to cooperate on incendiary material like this, it is the duty of government to think of steps that we need to take," he said. "We don't want to interfere in freedom of the press, but this kind of material should not be allowed," the minister said.


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