Monday, September 3, 2012

Lounge Bar Raided, 300 Held


The Pune rural police raided a lounge bar at Wagholi in the early hours of Sunday and arrested as many as 303 customers, 114 of them women, on charges of not having liquor permits and misbehaviour in a public place.

…The rural police has been getting numerous complaints from nearby residents about youngsters gathering at the lounge every Saturday night. They used to dance to loud music. Taking serious note of these complaints, we raided the lounge." Pardeshi said

…"When we entered the lounge, we found youngsters in the 20-30 age group dancing to loud music. Most of them were under the influence of alcohol and did not even understand that we were conducting a raid. We took their blood samples at the lounge itself as it was practically impossible to take all of them to hospital."


Mr. Ravindrasingh Pardeshi - You were conducting a raid on a Lounge Bar. What did you expect to find?

  • Did you expect to find a priest giving a sermon to his congregation?
  • 50 year olds sitting and listening to bhajans or singing hymns?
  • Were you surprised to note that customers in a bar were under the influence of alcohol?

Are you retarded or is it just that you and your superiors are corrupt (like any other government official in a position of authority) and this was simply a shakedown to extort more money for the unofficial police fund? Did you guys run out of walking around money for the month?

IF there is a problem with the paperwork / permit - then take action against the managers or the proprietors. If there are numerous complaints from nearby residents - shut down the place and launch an investigation as to how the permit was obtained to operate the establishment in a residential area.  Why are the patrons being penalised? How are the customers at fault? Are you suggesting that when I walk into a bar, I am expected to ask the floor manager to present the permit of the establishment before I place my order???

This is nothing but harassment and extortion. With all the bribes you fucks end up collecting, you should have enough to pay for treatment at a good mental / psychiatric facility.

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