Friday, September 7, 2012

Anna Hazare Announces New Bla Bla Bla Bla


Mumbai: Following erstwhile Team Anna's dissolution, activist Anna Hazare today announced a new action plan, which includes appealing people to vote for the "right" candidates, instead of forming a political party.


Oye, Anna – Just thought you should know something: 

Err… nobody really gives a fuck about what you think or announce or have to say. It is about time somebody drilled this into that senile head of yours.

Don't take it personally. It is not because of your flip-flopping idiotic team or your stupid statements or your own hypocrisy. Believe it or not, it is NOT because you have stopped making sense (You NEVER made sense, so perish the thought).

The simple truth, you silly old buffoon, is that people got bored (finally). Now they are waiting for the next crap that the media will sensationalise with round the clock coverage - giving them a blinding glimpse of the obvious (love that phrase – Blinding glimpse of the obvious. Crtsy: F Ross Johnson)

There is absolutely no need for you to continue your yap sessions. So, please be a good old man and die.

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