Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nokia Faked PureView Demo Video And Then Offered A Crap Explanation

Here is a video posted by Nokia on it's Nokia Channel on YouTube.

Watch the video between 0:25 to 0:29. You are sure to notice the reflection of the cameraman shooting the video from a van. And he is NOT shooting it with a phone (and people thought Airbrushing an image for a magazine cover was a big deal). Perhaps it wouldn't have been THAT bad, had Nokia used a different title for the video.

PocketNow has this to say about Nokia's fuck up:


You need to check out the video yourself. It compares a normal smartphone (probably a leading competitor) side by side with footage from the 920 (or maybe just the same phone with OIS on and OIS off).

Amazing stabilization! But is it really the Lumia 920 capturing the video? Pause at 0:29 and check out the reflection in the window. We’ve done that for you in the image above. Does it look like a Lumia 920 is used to grab that sequence?

It sure looks like a professional camera but we might just be too tired and old with bad eyesight. What do you think? Is Nokia’s marketing campaign misleading?

When the guys at Gizmodo contacted Nokia about the misleading video - Doug Dawson, Vice President of Media Relations, Nokia said "To be fair, the video was a demonstration of optical image stabilization, not PureView" (!!!)

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