Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wives May Get Monthly Salary From Their Husbands


NEW DELHI: Housewives may soon start getting monthly salaries from their husbands with the government mulling a proposal which would make it mandatory for men to share a certain percentage of their income with their wives who stay back and do household chores.

…"The work that women do at home is also economic activity but it goes unaccounted. If children are sent to a creche, then money has to be spent. If somebody from outside does cooking or any other work, money has to be spent. And the quality of work of homemakers cannot even be compared with others," Tirath said.

The minister said if a portion of a husband's income is allocated as wife's share, it is likely to be spent on better food for children, on their education and the overall quality of standard of living of that household.


"Likely to be spent on better food for children, on their education and overall quality of standard of living of that household" - Does that make sense??

Krishna Tirath is suggesting that by giving a salary to the wife, the overall income for the household will increase. Does she not understand basic mathematics? As per the proposal - the amount being paid to the housewife will be coming from the husband's monthly salary. Implying the net income available to the household would effectively remain exactly the same.

Unless the proposal includes Krishna's ministry providing remuneration to the wives OR a special allowance being given to men married to unemployed women, I don't see how her proposal can result in a higher income for the household or improve the overall quality of standard of living.

OR Is the minister simply suggesting that men don't care about the food or education of their offspring??!! That is a rather idiotic assumption and not very lady like. You are free to push your 'feminist agenda' by proposing whatever pointless reforms you want (not referring to this one in particular). But suggesting that men are irresponsible and don't care about their child's nourishment or education is not right.

Under the guise of 'development and welfare' of women, all you have been doing is promoting a bias against men. So, when I say - Bitch… put a sock in it - I am NOT being a sexist or a MCP. I am merely expressing my displeasure at your continued stupidity and would like it, immensely - if you would shut the fuck up.

  • Are you suggesting an Employee / Employer relationship for the married couple?
  • Who is going to decide on the working hours and job description?
  • Will the ministry approve of an employer's demand for a probation period for fresh recruits?
  • Does the remuneration include sexual services or is that to be treated independent from the 'scope of work'?
  • If the above is included in the 'scope of work' then who will determine if the husband should pay the wife or the wife should pay the husband?
  • If a husband takes his wife out for shopping or a movie, would the ministry endorse the husband's right to demand a taxi fare from the wife?
  • Would Krishna also include in the proposal that the wife and children pay for boarding / lodging?
  • In case the employer is not satisfied with the services, is he entitled to terminate his wife's employment and seek suitable replacement i.e. without going through the divorce proceedings and just 'hiring' a more competent wife under a new employment contract to replace his earlier employee?
  • What is the ministry's position on employing 'another wife' on a temporary basis to cope with the increased work load during holidays or festivals?
  • By equating the housewife's status to that of a housekeeper/maid/nanny/prostitute, does Krishna really believe she is working for 'development and welfare'???
  • Paying a woman to take care of her children and her house?! Is that REALLY something the ministry wishes to promote?

Clearly, you haven't thought this through… have you?!

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao, apni akal ladaao.

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Happy Kitten said...

This salary request is as demeaning as the dowry request by grooms..both stinks!

L o r d R a j said...

Want to know what is more annoying?

SOMEONE suggested that there is nothing wrong with the minister's proposal as it is merely seeking to get the women some RESPECT for the thankless job they do.


Idiotic defense for an idiotic proposal. If Money / Salary were to be equated to RESPECT, then prostitution SHOULD have been regarded as one of the most respected professions.

I simply hate it when people who don't understand the basic argument, insist on having their say just for the sake of making an argument.


Happy Kitten said...

Well if marriage survived so long with dowry then it may survive with salaries too....though both makes no sense at all! A girl is feasible only with a dowry and now a hubby can be a hubby only if he pays!

L o r d R a j said...

I wonder how long it will take for some other minister / bureaucrat to suggest that the 'salary' be subject to TDS.

Being a woman, a lower TDS rate would be implemented and if she happens to belong to SC/ST or OBC, the husband has to pay the TDS from his own pocket (unless he too belongs to SC/ST or OBC, in which case - the next door neighbour will not only compensate for the TDS but also file the tax returns for the SC/ST or OBC couple, while apologising for the years of misery and suffering imposed on the SC/ST/OBC couple's ancestors by the NON SC/ST/OBC members of the community).

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Doesnt anything in this world hold ANY value anymore !!?
Clearly the husbands would want to divorce their lovely homemaking wives and get some professionals and pay Them for it. That way it would /could make sense for paying them ? err... ahem... ewwww.. sickening.
Something like this would do nothing but harm and maybe break homes let alone "develop" anything.
What is this world coming to !!

L o r d R a j said...

My sentiments exactly.

If one IS going to pay, then why WOULDN'T one opt in favour of a maid/nanny service/agency providing professional French maids / nannies (preferably on a weekly rotating schedule). I mean... at least some value for money and he can actually tell them how he wants things to be done. Makes more sense.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

On that thought. Absolutely agree on the weekly rotations.
Some spice in life would'nt hurt.

Surya Murali said...

Wonder what qualifications a housewife needs? Is there going to be a performance evaluation? Would there be increments? And... er... what position would the housewife be demoted to if she is not up to 'standards'? And what about the rare species of house-husbands? Will they be able to avail of this?

My biggest question... is the government going to provide husbands with a wife allowance to pay their wives' salaries... how else is the economic situation of the household going to increase, if the gross household income remains the same? Is the amount a husband pays his wife going to be exempt from taxes?

L o r d R a j said...

Is the government going to provide a wife allowance!!

The government(s) in India can't even provide governance! Allowance to bahut door ki baat hai.

They can only provide idiotic proposals and pass ridiculous laws.