Monday, November 12, 2007

It's just sex

Another sex racket busted in India (link). Thankfully not as much drama (YET) on the news channels, as there was previously (or perhaps there was but I didn't notice it because I stopped watching CRAP on the tele).

I never really understood what the big deal is anyway - There is an individual who doesn't mind paying for sex. There is another individual who doesn't mind providing the service in exchange for money. It's NOT RAPE.

Don't know why everyone wants to make an issue out of it. Two consenting individuals have agreed for something on certain terms, which concerns only THEM. It's not like they are agreeing to kidnap someone or putting up a hit or conspiring against the nation.

Personally, I think it's sad for anyone to have to pay for sex. But that doesn't mean I think it's wrong or should be illegal or whatever. Hell, I also think rap music is sad.

Now if it were forced prostitution or something like that, then yes - there are serious issues, but more often than not, THAT is not the case. The reports are usually - "x number of girls have been taken into custody along with some men, from a hotel." (always wondered, what if there was some guy in the hotel with his girlfriend, hell neither him or her would be an escort, but they could be arrested under the assumption that they are!)

The few times that the individuals arrested have been allowed to speak, most of them end up saying that it's because the money is good, it's easy money, it's convenient, it's thrilling or whatever.

The last time I checked, making money or having a thrilling experience was not a crime. (psst, please be sensible and don't equate this to smuggling, burglary, rape etc .. you might be surprised but the concepts are in fact very different)

Why does this business have to be illegal and/or shady? why can't this just be some licensed thing with regulations and inspections. The government would benefit (another thing they can put a tax on), there might be individuals who would want to get out of this practice, and - if required or feasible, they could be assisted in being relocated.

It would definitely make life easier for the people providing and seeking such services.

WHAT! is that SOO WRONG? It's just sex mate. S/he doesn't mind getting paid in exchange. S/he doesn't mind paying for it. So why should this be ANYONE's problem?!?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not goin to argue on whether this is rite/rong..shud be labelled illegal or not.... but the only thing i feel certain is that such acts are immoral!!! And whats rong with attempts that try to stop this immorality?? That mite not be the true purpose...but once in a while when there are such attempts..i think its deserves all support :)

L o r d R a j said...

Well that is one view (and most definitely the POPULAR view)

Thanks for sharing.

My opinion on this is .. Who am I to decide what is Moral or IMmoral for someone else..

Its a personal choice..

Moral Policing sucks (in my opinion), regardless of where it happens and in whatever form it happens.

Anonymous said...

"Who am I to decide what is Moral or IMmoral for someone else." .... can something tat is immoral for one be moral for another ??? atleast in this situation it doesnt seem to be....

And with regard to moral policing...i know this aint goin to really change individuals who decide not to listen to anyone else... but when things such as sex rackets can have huge negative impacts on the society/youth ...any attempts to curb it shud (in my opinion) only be encouraged....

L o r d R a j said...

Well, I dont think its immoral..

so that should answer your question. One man's witch is another man's fairy. To each his own.

Negative impact on society/youth - Again, depends on perception.

My view is.. the ones who want to do these things, will do it. The ones who dont want, WONT regardless of if there is a bust of sex racket or not.

In my opinion, YOUNG IMPRESSIONABLE MINDS is an over-rated phrase / excuse.

the Youth is smart enough to decide on its own, what they want to pursue and what they dont.

Guiding is different from Moral Policing.

Guiding is NON BINDING - its more like sharing your opinion.

The person listening, doesn't necessarily have to agree with the views.

Moral Policing.. now thats a completely different thing. It's like - WE DONT THINK THIS IS RIGHT SO YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT.

I like to keep things simple - and as per my understanding, if two individuals arrive at some arrangement, by which they are both getting what they want, WITHOUT disrupting or effecting anyone else, then there shouldn't be any reason for anyone to object to it.

Like i said, Apni apni soch hai.

L o r d R a j said...

If I think something is wrong, then I wont do it. Further, I can share that view with people I know or in general and explain my points as to WHY I think something is wrong.

But, it's not necessary that the person(s) listening to it share the same sensibilities.

So .. if someone FEELS that this is wrong, well they should refrain from it, but that definitely doesn't give them the right to ARREST or PROSECUTE others who dont share that view.

Anonymous said...

Y r drugs considered illegal ?? if someone wants to consume it ..let him do so... who r we to stop it ??? well...if only the ppl concerned sat back as mere spectators... u can imagine how nasty things can get !!! same here as well....its not always that u can let things remain as they r only coz it was convenient for the ppl involved...

But with due respect to ur thoughts... i stop here or this will be a nver ending discussion :)

Cheers !!!

L o r d R a j said...

I agree.. Never ending discussion :)

Drugs.. well it is not exactly the same thing, but i do have similar views..

Drugs should be legalised as well and sold over the counter.

People who WANT TO QUIT can get help, people who want to continue can continue.

Reduces the black market.

Just because it is illegal, doesn't mean it is not happening.

Same way, legalising these things will NOT increase the consumption rate (in my opinion). In the short run it might SEEM like there is a hike, but these are the people who earlier used to do it in hiding and now do it openly.

An example to go with that statement, Well Ciggs are legal (for now atleast), that doesnt mean that everyone is smoking. Individuals who believe its a horrid habit or Immoral or bad for them - DONT SMOKE.

So availablity or unavailability, Legal or illegal doesnt really make a difference in the consumption or the usage.

At the end of the day, everyone lives their own lives, the MORAL POLICE cant live it for them, so they should STOP trying and be a bit more sensible about the whole thing.

That is MY VIEW..

Cheers mate :) !

Unknown said...

Sex is good. Healthy and refreshing. Just see that you don't force someone into it and you don't pay or it.

That simply sucks!

L o r d R a j said...

Hitman - :)

Thanks for sharing your views.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, interesting. Last week i was reading a book on how women shouldn't misunderstand the excuses men give when it comes to relationships. The stories i read all said, that in the 2nd or 3rd date, the 2 strangers have slept together. Sex is nothing for them, it is just fun. In this country where i live now, women and men are so open about it.

now coming to your thought, i don't know what to say. Sometimes the morality comes in, sometimes if we think deep, we are all just animals . we have partners in everything. why not have random sex partners? But religion was brought in to stop this from happening and ppl bound by religion refrain themselves from satan :-)

even now i don't know what to say :-)

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Agnel, Thanks for sharing your views :)

About the religion, well somewhere on this blog, I have stated my views on religion as well (should be under Think about it or General Discussions category). ;)

Looking forward to updates on your blog.

Take care mate.

L o r d R a j said...

Agnel - BTW, forgot to mention this (although I have repeated it time and again) - It's a personal choice. Depends on person to person.

It might be wrong for some, it might not be a big deal for some.

To each his own. If X thinks it's wrong, no one should force X to induldge in it.

Similarly X has no right to enforce or impose his views on others.

X can share his views, but he has no right to impose them on people who have a different view on the subject.