Friday, November 16, 2007

Rescue Dawn

The movie has received great reviews. Plenty of the viewers have loved the performances and the story. Might be because ....... I honestly don't know. Perhaps people want to show support to some troops somewhere, or perhaps they were paid to write those things. Could be anything.

I don't really enjoy war movies, and wouldn't have bothered with this but, the credits said Christian Bale. He isn't my favorite artist, but usually I do enjoy his performances (not all).

My view about Rescue Dawn - The movie is a waste of time, boring (I am being polite here) and doesn't really go anywhere. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone.

I really couldn't understand why they give the guy a heroes welcome in the end. But then I guess anyone who returns from any war/mission, ends up getting a heroes welcome, regardless of what they did or didn't accomplish.

The torture scenes were disappointing. The other characters in the movie (fellow POWs) were a bit too sissy and/or cuckoo to be believable.

Talking about cuckoo.. well the same can be said about the GUARDS supposed to be watching over the prisoners. Think about it:

we had Jumbo and then another idiot - (obsessed with bruce lee or someone) - who for some weird reason keeps jumping. Then there was the little handler who has some serious mental issues (what the hell is so funny about the word Americali?? why do the other guards burst out laughing when the little handler says it).

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