Friday, November 23, 2007

Top 50 fictional weapons

Original_contra voltron.tif

Yes, people DO HAVE a lot of time on their hands (myself included).

In case you too have some time to kill, then here is the list.

The LIGHT SABER (Star wars) looses out to He-Man's POWER SWORD !! The SWORD OF OMENS (Thundercats) gets 11th place. The SPREAD GUN (Contra) ranks at 25.

4. vader lightsaber Sword of Omens 1

What's really strange (for me) is that a weapon with a name like ULTIMATE NULLIFIER (Fantastic Four) is ranked 27th (Not so Ultimate after all eh)

The text accompanying the listing is fun to read too. For example:


16. Megatron

Wait, how is a badass robot a weapon? Because Megatron has the power of illogical size-changing, which means that his laser-blasting pistol mode can be wielded by puny humans and giant robots! So which part of him is the trigger? We’d rather not know.

P.s. I know I haven't put up a Megatron pic. I liked the Voltron Pic better

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