Sunday, November 18, 2007

Men's day - November 19th (India)

“We will submit a memorandum urging the prime minister and Sonia Gandhi to set up such a ministry,” says Swarup Sarkar of the Save Family Foundation (SFF), which has declared November 19 as International Men’s Day along with organisations such as My Nation, Protect Indian Family and Asha-Kiran....


Every 4 minutes, one man is falsely accused of dowry harassment
Every 2.4 hours, one senior citizen is falsely accused of dowry demands

(Source: an RTI application filed by the Save Family Foundation)

“The government gets 82 per cent of its taxes from men, but not a rupee has been allocated for men’s welfare in the budget in 60 years,” says SFF activist Neeraj Aggarwal.

All reasonably good points, I must say.. and I do agree with them to a certain extent. I actually use some of these points when I voice out my views on (and against) the WOMEN's organization(s) and their (most of the time - absurd) demands and constant cribbing.

BUT SETTING UP A MEN'S WELFARE MINISTRY or whatever is definitely NOT what I was getting at. I was hoping that someone would put an end to the Women's Cribbing (Welfare - as they like to call it) Organizations - Not set up another one for MEN !!!

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Anonymous said...

childrens day..mothers day...fathers day ...womens day and now mens day.... LOL

L o r d R a j said...

Shit happens mate...