Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cool comment on the Autoblog

Came across a really cool comment on the Autoblog (Thanks Yousef). Just wanted to share it.

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Please, let's get with reality. Infinity needs a G27 a lot more than the G37. The Lexus IS250 has good acceleration (not explosive, like the IS350) and gets mid-20s mpg in town and mid-30s on the highway.

There's demand for a smaller engine in the G. If the Infiniti management doesn't get with the program soon nobody will soon be able to afford to drive their cars.


@ Tai,

My Acura RSX is rated at 29 mpg by the EPA for highway driving, but I do slip it into neutral on downward hills. Gravity allows the car to accelerate for free. I get 40mpg on the interstate and around 34 in the city. On my 22 mile commute to work I'm in neutral for about 2.5 miles total, and there's plenty of room for more coasting.

If I get to a stoplight that just changed I'll turn the car off as I coast to it and watch for the crossing light to turn red so I can turn my car on without any delay. Also, driving at or below the speed limits has played a huge role in improving my economy. 60 mph on the interstate meant a 50% increase in fuel economy in my little four-banger that has trouble overcoming wind resistance.

Now I get as good a fuel economy as a Honda Civic Hybrid, but if I want to I can still punch it once in a while to merge or pass. Fuel economy is more dependent on driver habit than one might think, and there's no since in jesting about being smart and allowing gravity to accelerate for you. I'm not getting after you in particular, just using your comment to brag about how effective my driving behavior modification has helped.

And now... for the best comment


cu812ru469 @ Jun 2nd 2008 3:26PM

I just run my car with engine on when I go uphill. Then I push it the rest of the way to work. I get like 115 mpg, but it takes me 4 hours to get to work (20 miles).

Too cool !! LOL!!

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