Thursday, June 26, 2008

HTC Touch Diamond - SMS Alert

And the problems continue. Apparently the new ones being shipped are with a fix which supposedly sorts out some of the issues. I did find a link to the updated ROM - but it was a Rapidshare link and a 100 MB File. Didn't bother to download it. I am not sure if the fix is available in Kuwait, but will check it out with Cellucom.

For the SMS Alert - The problem:

When the phone is in Power Save mode and you get a text message, the five way key pad lights up but there is no alert tone. Implying, unless you look at the phone - you won't know that you have an unread message.

If you see the pad lighting and you wake up your phone (so to speak), Then it will beep (what's the point!, I would see the unread message anyway).

If you have one unread message and you get another one - the phone will beep, even if it is in the Power Save mode.

This is how I fixed it:

Start - Settings - Sounds & Notifications.
Notification Tab.
Event: Scroll to Messaging: New Text Message.

In Addition to Play sound (which was already checked, but didn't seem to sort out the alert issue), I checked Display message on screen and Vibrate.

Works fine now.

The more I use this, I come across more issues. But also, I am getting the hang of it. I don't dislike it - as much as I disliked it on the first day. I am still disappointed, but then I am getting used to the phone. I don't have a problem with the issues cropping up, as long as I can manage to find an effective work around.

UPDATE: Cellucom does have an update to the ROM. Just got it done. The TouchFlo is definitely much better now.

For those of you, who can't get the updated ROM or the general setting tweaks didn't work - here is a registry tweak (for the wake up on SMS): Thanks Zetxek

HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL : DisableSMSWakeUpEvent <-- set to "1" by default. Change value to "0"

To apply this, you will need a Registry Editor installed on your Diamond. I am using PHM Registry Editor (Copy the CAB file onto your phone and tap on it to install).

UPDATE: ROM Update now available on the HTC Website (E-Club)

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Anonymous said...

If it still does not work, give a try to the tricks that they have discovered at XDA developers forum. They solve some minor (and not so minor) issues that you will eventually suffer...

L o r d R a j said...

Thanks mate!

Appreciate it

Anonymous said...

Hi all, the settings work around did not work for me. I will try the rom update. Thanks.