Friday, June 6, 2008

What Happens in Vegas


Kind of disgusting.Well, it's been rather disgusting so far.

I know money matters. But, this is was just err...Not my type at all. The movie is still playing and I am not enjoying it. Hate my friends for making me watch this crap. But I've put up with a lot worse. 

Cameron Diaz - never liked her (no, I don't think she is hot)

Ashton Kutcher - don't like him either, I find him annoying.

Queen Latifah - Hate her. Always have. Her being in this movie didn't help at all. Thankfully so far there isn't much of her yapping to put up with, so far anyways. Don't think I am going to watch this till the end.

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

i like her for her smile :P

L o r d R a j said...

Sometime back, I actually got a few of her movies and watched them one after another, trying to figure out why I don't like her. AND - How come there are so many who go gaa gaa over her.

Couldn't arrive at any conclusion :(