Monday, June 16, 2008

Windows Embedded NavReady 2009

Hmm, guess PC Markets were just not enough. Ahh well... How much is enough? Just a little more!

Microsoft’s first embedded operating system designed specifically for OEMs building handheld portable navigation devices (PNDs) was announced today.



This release also provides a number of benefits that can help developers and OEMs quickly bring to market new scenarios in which the PND connects to other devices and online services. Features include the following:

  • Live Search delivers OEMs and partners key elements enabling Internet-based Live Search on devices to find up-to-date points of interest similar to the ones provided by the Live Search Maps service.
  • Bluetooth technologies enable OEMs to provide rich, hands-free scenarios to users with the following profiles: Hands Free, Pairing Service, Phone Book Access, Advanced Audio Distribution, Audio and Video Remote Control, Dial Up Networking and Bluetooth Connection Manager. Users will be able to use their PND device as a hands-free device to make phone calls or data connections when the device is paired with a compatible phone enabled with Bluetooth.
  • MSN Direct enables OEMs to incorporate MSN Direct technologies. These technologies can reduce users’ commute time while enhancing the travel experience by providing up-to-date information such as traffic alerts and fuel prices.
  • Windows SideShow functionality helps enable the PND as a secondary display screen for many Windows Vista-based PCs*, allowing Windows SideShow gadgets to interact and exchange information with the PND and providing a rich user experience at home or work.

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