Wednesday, June 18, 2008

USD 205 Transfer - Financing Terrorism!


A Lolland dress shop owner has had a payment for six dresses made in Pakistan frozen by the US on fears that it is being used to support terrorism

The US government has taken the step of freezing a $205 payment from a Danish clothing boutique to a dress manufacturer in Pakistan, reports Berlingske Tidende newspaper.


Christa Møllgaard-Hansen, owner of Christabella's in the town of Maribo on Lolland decides to buy six dresses from Pakistan, and wires a sum of USD 205 through her bank. The payment gets blocked. The bank asks for additional details which are provided by Christa, and then the Bank asks for the date of birth of Rashid - Christa's contact in Pakistan.

Guess the US intelligence has copies of terrorist group members' birth certificates.

Being vigilant is one thing. This is just down right stupid!

Anyways, next time you are buying something online, or transferring money to someone, just make sure to get the following details from the vendor/beneficiary:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Father's name
  • Mother's name
  • Siblings details
  • Spouse' name
  • Previous Occupation (for you and the entire family)
  • Does the beneficiary have a beard?
  • Does the beneficiary wear a head scarf / turban

Well you do want to cooperate with the US WAR ON TERRORISM, don't you? Include all of these along with the wiring instructions, in addition to the SWIFT Code and all that.

As a footnote, do mention - At the time of requesting this transfer, to the best of my knowledge, the beneficiary is not a member of any terrorist organization. Neither am I, Although we are both aware that you won't just take our word for it. Just trying to be helpful.

P.s All the best in finding Osama. Been a while, don't you think?

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"Being vigilant is one thing. This is just down right stupid!"

Couldn't agree more... !

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