Sunday, June 22, 2008

SMS service to alert motorists on traffic jams - India


Starting in a month, motorists will be able to get updates on traffic situation at different spots across the city by sending SMSes to a convenient five-digit number.

"We have already applied for the number with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and expect to start the service in a month's time," Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sanjay Barve told PTI here.

Citing an example, Barve said, "Suppose you wish to travel from Chembur to Dadar and are doubtful about the traffic situation at Everard Nagar junction. You just SMS 'LOC REP', which stands for location report, to the five-digit number and immediately get a reply."

"The user will have to pay higher SMS charges to get the elicited reply as per the regulations but he can at least plan out his trip in a better way and take another route to complete the journey," Barve said.


Interesting. Now, has anyone ever heard of RDS or TMC? Radio Data Service - Traffic Message Channel? Pretty sure no one who came up with the SMS idea has ever heard of it, or if they have, they haven't bothered much with it.

Anyways - Similar services have been available all over the world for a very long time for free. But apparently this (the traffic update by SMS) is going to be highlighted as the NEXT BIG THING COMING OUT OF SHINING INDIA! Sigh.. well something is better than nothing.

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