Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 States, The Story Of My Marriage - Chetan Bhagat


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Another Chetan Bhagat novel. Wonder how disappointing this will be. I will definitely be reading it though. Well, Punjabi boy marries Tamilian girl - rather obvious why I would want to read it.

Interestingly enough - Chetan is Punjabi and his wife Anusha, is Tamilian.

I am pretty much prepared for a sad work of 'fiction' with unnecessary references to paranthas through out the book.

So what if I write for the masses? So did Shakespeare. He was probably the Ekta Kapoor of his time.


Don't know what this idiot was trying to get at, but that statement doesn't make any sense. No wonder I don't like his books, he is a lousy writer (The only one I enjoyed reading was Five Point Someone, and that was it).

4 Opinions:

Mathai said...

Hes comparing Shakespear to Ekta Kapoor ? yeesh !
Wasnt 'one night at a call center' popular as well ?

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Mathai,

Popular - Yes.
Was it any good - NO.

SRK is popular too. I don't think I need to elaborate. ;)

Aravind Adiga - award winner.. Did I like the white tiger... not so much. Did I like the next book he came up with - absolute trash - readable.. but trash.

Also ---- there was - the Reluctant Fundamentalist.

This piece of shit was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize (2007).. . (it's ok for a bit, and then just keeps getting worse with every page)

I am pretty sure these two books were popular as well.

Anonymous said...

You are saying as if you are some educated book critic, but seriously you sound like some disappointed, faithless ignorant. A lot of people read n watch movies for fun n yeah chetan bhagat does provide fun. And as far as SRK is concerned, he's a far better actor than any of your shit head favorite. He's got a larger fan following than Tom Cruise, kuch to baat hogi bande main.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey 'Anonymous'

You assume 'I think I am an educated book critic'.. I make no such claims. Since it's your assumption, the problem is with YOU, not ME.

I read a book. If I enjoy it, I say it's good. If I think it's trash, I say so.

Unlike some others, I don't get swept away by mob mentality.

Most importantly, these are MY VIEWS.

I didn't say everyone HAS TO agree with my views. Some like fish, some like chicken. It's an opinion.

Just because I like or dislike something, doesn't mean that everyone should have the exact same likes or dislikes. A concept that, evidently - you don't have the ability to understand.

About your comments on SRK .. baat hogi bande mein.. well, how about we put it this way - just because some researches / statistics show IE is a more popular browser, doesn't mean that it's the BEST browser.

Some people hate IE. Some are happy with Chrome. Some can't stand Chrome.

Just because something is popular, doesn't mean that everyone HAS TO like it.

Get it.. SHIT HEAD?