Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Radio - More Himesh Crap


Heard people talking about this new Himesh song, and they thought I should give it a try, because they think it's different and I would like it.

I have no idea what gave them that idea. The lyrics are stupid. Play the damn thing day and night on all music channels and the majority will start humming it. That's doesn't mean it's a good song!

Himesh's songs in 2008 - Listen to one, you have heard them all. Don't know why he feels proud that at any given time he has over a 100 tunes ready. Arrey, if all of them are going to sound the same, you might as well say you have a million tunes ready!!

I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the songs coming out of Himesh's crappy mouth, during the rest of the year -sound exactly the same as this shit.

BTW, whoever came up with the video for this nonsense, didn't have to work too hard. Parts lifted off from Savage Garden's I Want You. From 1:11 time marker, it's a lift off from Savage Garden's video. Before that, pretty sure is a lift off too probably from some hip-hop / rap song.

Himesh's Crap

Savage Garden - I Want You

2 Opinions:

SV9211 said...

Hi Raj,

I dont understand how people tolerate this was kind of a change when I heard his style of singing in the early days but then it became a headache and now we have to see him in movies....gawd, thanks to the Japanese for inventing the remote!

L o r d R a j said...

thanks to the Japanese for inventing the remote!

Ahh, something to be thankful for, this thanksgiving. :D